Friday, April 16, 2010

Durarara!! 13: New Faces

As the series enters its second half, faces, old and new, crop up.
EPISODE 13: A Sudden Turn

News about all kinds of strange happenings in Ikebukuro fill newspapers and television sets. Celty's unfortunate appearance at the Dollars' gathering has made her the target of an external motorcycle police force led by a notorious cop, Kinnosuke Kuzuhara. As if Celty needs more things to worry about, Shinra's dad, Shingen Kishitani, returns to town. Incidentally, the Slasher from an earlier episode is also going on a spree, randomly attacking people all over the city. And finally, threatened by the increasing reputation of the Dollars, the Yellow Scarves Gang has made themselves more visible in the streets of Ikebukuro in order to challenge the colorless gang's influence. Meanwhile, Mikado has to contend with Kida being his rival for the affections of one shy, glasses-wearing girl, Anri, who is plenty aware of the boys' regard for her but can't however make up her mind. On her way home from school, some bullies corner her but before they can do any serious harm, the Slasher makes it appearance and proceeds to cut Anri's attackers up right before her eyes.


New faces. There's the cop, of course, with omg Kenshin's cross scar! lolz Poor Celty. And then there's Shingen. He's eccentricity makes him seem harmless but this is the same guy who cut Celty up in the name of medical science. Other characters include Shizuo's actor brother, a girl named Saki, and of course, the Slasher. I wonder what the Slasher's connection is to Anri, or if there is even a connection. I don't want to speculate any longer because this anime has a way of turning all your pre-conceived notions over. I'm just here for the ride. :)