Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kuribayashi Minami - Meiya Kadenrou (Katanagatari OP Single)

RELEASED: 01.27.2010
1. Meiya Kadenrou
2. Hohoemi no Kanata
3. Meiya Kadenrou (off-vocal)
4. Hohoemi no Kanata (off-vocal)
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Meiya Kadenrou is the title of the first OP Single for the anime adaptation of NisiOisin's Katanagatari, a story about the adventures of a swordless style swordsman and the imperial strategian who hires him to recover twelve legendary swords from skilled and deadly fighters. It's performed by Kuribayashi Minami, whose only other work I'm aware of is Love Gun for the anime, Kure-nai.

I'm not too keen on the title track. It sounds rather typical as an anime opener and also quite misleading. The fast tempo evokes images of fantabulous swordfights, something that is strangely scarce in this dialogue-ridden, nuance-rich anime. What does reflect some of Katanagari's essence is the second track, Hohoemi no Kanata. Its traditional Japanese instrument intro sets the mood for the story and actually gives you an idea on the time period. That said, the off-vocal version of both tracks make for interesting, if not terribly entertaining, listening. But if I have to choose between the two, I have to say again that is' Hohoemi no Kanata (off-vocal) that does it for me.