Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Tatami Galaxy 6

Ok, so I know that I said I'm not going to blog The Tatami Galaxy any longer and this post doesn't change that. But I just like to say that I have misunderstood this series entirely. Call me by any other name but my Japanese really does not exist, which is to say that I am entirely dependent on subs. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of groups brave enough to take up The Tatami Galaxy for a fansubbing project and not all of them are good. One group was so bad -- I won't mention the name, since I forgot -- I felt better off just watching the entire thing raw than go through that English muck. Commie is doing a pretty decent job but their releases don't come fast enough.

Anyway, long story short, I was WRONG. These episodes do have something to do with each other and there is in fact an over-arching plot in all this. It's only the timeline that's a bit confusing, what with all the surreal going-back-in-time schtick and the very loopy narrative.

For what it's worth, this episode is hilarious. I don't know if it's because the subs are infinitely better than the ones I used on the previous two episodes. Anyhoo, yah, my high regard for this show is back in full swing.


Anonymous said...

There are only two translations for this show: Funimation and the groups that use funimation's translation like commie, pqw, big pancake etc..

And a "translation" by a group which is nothing more than the japanese closed captions run through google translate.

If you watch the latter and expect to understand anything you are a fool.

Lu said...

There's no need to get malignant, dear. I already accepted that I was wrong. Also, I don't understand the cause of your aggression. Did I say anything in this post that offended you? If I did, then I suggest you point it out clearly. This kind of passive-aggression, especially coming from someone without enough guts to leave his name, is a sign of bad manners.