Friday, May 28, 2010

Durarara 18-19: Sons of Anarchy

EPISODE 18: Life and Death are Up To Fate

With Anri hospitalized after the attack by the Slasher, Kida decides to go all out and revive the Yellow Scarves. But this act only brings to life many painful memories of the past he would sooner forget than relive. In a flashback, it is revealed that Kida used to date Mikajima Saki, who, however, was emotionally controlled by Izaya. Through Saki, Izaya was able to wield his influence over the Yellow Scarves, causing a gang war to break out between said group and the Blue Squares. As a result of this fierce rivalry, Saki was kidnapped and tortured with Kida unable to do anything to help. The event fills him with guilt to this day, thus, driving him to do all that he can to avenge Anri, not knowing that Izaya still holds all the strings. In one of the Yellow Scarves meetings which Kida attends, the group is alerted to the presence of an intruder -- Anri, who is understandably shocked by the discovery of Kida's leadership position in the gang.

EPISODE 19: The Blue Sky Perishes

Ever since Kida visited her in the hospital, Anri has noticed something amiss about him. However, she keeps her suspicions to herself in order not to reveal her alter ego as the Slasher. Meanwhile, rumors about the Black Rider being a Dollars member and the Slasher being also connected to the same gang abound. As Kida acts stranger by the day, Anri finally decides to find out what he's been up to. Her "children" inform her of a Yellow Scarves meeting and there Anri learns about Kida's involvement with the gang just as some of the members notice her presence and give chase. However, Celty arrives in the nick of time to keep her from getting caught, leading the Yellow Scarves to conclude that the Dollars and the Slasher are allies all along.


Aww, all these three need is the absolute, harsh, painful TRUTH. If they could just be honest with each other, Izaya's plan to pit them against each other without their knowledge wouldn't work. Looks like we're heading off to an explosive climax. Here's to hoping the friends do not find out each other's part in all this before Izaya's grand plan can commence.