Thursday, August 12, 2010

Claymore 106: Phantom Miria gets some

Claymore manga has been kind of meh lately. I mean, sure, Priscilla is effin' strong and we don't know what kind of hell Clare is trying to raise by allowing herself to get absorbed by that black thing which once was the Raphaela/Luciela freaky combo, but chapter after chapter of Priscilla showing off her moves and everybody else going "Whoa shit we're going to die!" gets pretty boring pretty fast. So I'm glad Yagi-dono decided to go back to Miria and Galatea in Chapter 106 and just at the right moment, too. We know the new Clare that emerges from the black void pretty much has Priscilla under the can so that storyline is getting predictable. What we don't know is what Miria is going to do in order to destroy the Organization once and for all. This latest chapter enlightens us on that.

With the Organization's main forces distracted by what's going on in the west, smart, resourceful Miria deems this the right moment to raid the Organization's headquarters. Miria is so hell-bent on destroying the Organization that she is willing to go down the ruthless path. She even cuts down an ally, one of the seven survivors whose name I forgot, and threatens to do the same to Galatea, because they pose a barrier to her goal. But ruthlessness does not necessarily mean cruelty and it looks like Miria will only kill when absolutely necessary.

The Organization is quickly alerted to the new threat right at their gates but even their high-ranking members are no match to the Phantom. The Organization's forces are so thin that they are forced to bring out trainees to defend the headquarters. But these, however, are not ordinary trainees as they are soul-linked warriors. Think: a more advanced form of the Beth/Alicia tandem. Miria hasn't met the former No. 1 and No. 2 so she's kind of new to the whole awaken-then-quick-switch-attack-from-behind schtick. Miria is fast though, not to mention SMART, so it won't take long for her to handle the fight. A fact, which the Organization members are aware of, explaining why they're discussing the merits of bringing out their "trump" card. Just what this trump card is, we'll just have to wait next month for Chapter 107.

Phantom Miria is &hearts