Friday, August 13, 2010

Shiki 04-06

It's Friday 13th! Perfect time to post the past three episodes of Shiki.

Last time, we got Natsuno spending a lot of time with Toru, sending their fellow classmate Masao into paroxysms of jealousy. Also, at the very last scene of Episode 03, Toru casually invites Tatsumi to his house, not knowing the danger lurking in Kanemasa. That proved to be a fatal mistake as not long after that, while Natsuno spends another night in Toru's home, Megumi and Tatsumi drop in for a feast. The curious thing is that Megumi still remembers Natsuno and doesn't touch him even though he is in the same room as Toru. Instead, she bites Toru, saying that she hates him for being closer to Natsuno.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ozaki is still trying to solve the strange deaths occurring all over his village. Junior monk Muroi likewise does his own research, except that he is approaching the mystery from a different angle. He discovers that several of the people who died worked outside the village and all of them quit their jobs right before they died. The deaths now number to nineteen, with most victims coming from the same family. In Bram Stoker's Dracula, this makes sense as, of course, the dead would naturally "return" to their family members and bite them, spreading the infection in this manner. Shiki does treat vampirism as a form of disease, rather than some bizarre yet sexy supernatural occurrence like in many modern vampire works these days. In that way, the show hearkens back to the vampire stories of yore. Somehow, that makes this show more palatable now. So I guess I'll be sticking to it, for now.

The opening clip gives a huge clue as to who dies or who does not in this show. I only just figured it out when I watched the whole thing in Episode 4. :)