Wednesday, August 18, 2010

High School of the Dead 07: Rescue Service

ACT 07: DEAD Night and the DEAD Rock

In this episode, all the usual dose of fan service and zombie apocalypse cliche is present. Oh yeah, and Busujima-senpai ♥ in that damned apron! SQUEEE XD
apron ~
dead meat
i don't know about you but i think hirano's pretty awesome

While our heroes are taking a well-deserved break in Shizuka-sensei's friend's apartment, the city outside is being taken over by the walking dead. The crowd down at the bridge are quickly dispersed as zombies swarm around them. To escape "them," many civilians end up in the nearby residences, trying to find a safe place. But the people holed up in these houses are not only unwilling to risk their own lives to save a few, they're openly hostile against these survivors.

Considering the circumstances, this behavior only makes sense, as Busujima-senpai ♥ explains to Takashi. However, despite her advice, Takashi and Hirano both decide to save one little girl whose Dad is killed by people who refuse to let him enter their home. With Hirano providing him cover and the help of Busujima-senpai ♥ and Rei, Takashi heads out on his motorcycle to rescue the girl.
her ditziness knows no end
flower for you
don't cry now. you'll attract "them"
enjoying ourselves, are we, hirano?

Meanwhile, Takagi gets wind of the situation and concocts a plan to make their escape in the Humvee while the zombies are distracted by Takashi. She gets everyone to load their provisions into the Humvee as quietly as possible. At the same time, Takashi, with the girl in tow, tries to make his own hairy escape from the zombies. To his utter relief, the girls arrive just in the nick in time, Busujima-senpai ♥ in her hot samurai apron girl (TM) outfit and Hirano with his ramboo sniper commando accessories. Hell yeah. Together, the two of them do a lot of damage and while at it, Takashi takes the chance to leap safely into the Humvee. SAFE. But for how long?