Wednesday, September 8, 2010

High School of the Dead 08-10

EPISODE 8: The Dead Way Home

The US President gets bitten by a zombie. Before he is finished off, his aide takes it upon himself to launch their missiles against the other countries before said other countries could do the same to the US. Meanwhile, Takashi and co. finally manage to get to the other side of the river. After changing clothes (oh my, Busujima-sempai ♥ ~), they all decide to head first to Takagi's house since it is the closest. But as they get nearer, more and more zombies appear. They unexpectedly come upon a wire barrier, causing Rei to fall off the humvee. As Takashi tries to protect her, the others fend for themselves with unfamiliar weapons. Finally, Takashi and Saeko do the brave thing and try to lure the zombies away. However, their plan backfires as the zombies are still drawn towards Rei and the others. Fortunately, a group of firefighters arrive to save them. To their surprise, the leader of this new group is none other than Takagi's mom.
EPISODE 09: The Sword and Dead

After getting separated from their group, Takashi and Saeko decide to take a different route towards Takagi's house. They manage to secure an amphibious vehicle which they use to navigate the river. This unexpectedly works to their advantage as the zombies don't attack them while they are in the water. Later, they leave the vehicle running in the middle of a park fountain to lure the zombies while Saeko attacks them. However, Saeko suddenly freezes up when she encounters a bunch of zombie children, forcing Takashi to rescue her. Later, they find shelter in a temple where Saeko reveals her dark secret. A long time ago, she fought and nearly killed her would-be rapist.  But the most disturbing thing about the whole incident was that she actually enjoyed beating up that person. The zombie apocalypse and her recent actions only proved that she was secretly a sadist and because of this, she believes that she does not deserve to be loved. Takashi's only response is to kiss her. The next day, zombies show up outside the temple and Saeko freezes up again. But after Takashi's reassurance that no matter what, he always admires her, Saeko gains the inner strength to fight and they both make it back to Takagi's house safely.
EPISODE 10: The Dead's House Rules

Takashi and co. spend a "normal" day at Takagi's house. But in a house filled with adults, they discover that what independence they gained in the past few hours bears no meaning as people continue to treat them as no more than kids. The question boils down to whether they should stay and be forever treated like kids or separate from the group and gain back their independence. Saya gets mad at her parents for immediately concluding that she did not survive the zombie apocalypse and instead spent all their time and effort securing the house and their servants. Takagi's dad later arrives with his zombified best friend in tow. He severs its head in front of everyone in order to show to them that this is now their reality. His men also try to confiscate Kota's gun from him, much to his dismay. The others come to his rescue and they all find themselves standing up to Takagi's dad and his men. Meanwhile, one of Shido's students, who has been spying on the group, reports the situation to Shido, who decides to ask for the Takagi's help once Takashi and co. leave.