Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Fall Anime Short List

SOURCE: Chartfag

Star Driver Radiant Takuto - It's by Bones so it's probably good. The plot, however, reminds me too much of Xam'd: Lost Memories and almost every other Bones production of late. And again, I'm not really a mecha person so I don't know if I'll take to this.

Ironman - It's by Madhouse and a collab with Marvel. It's Ironman, forgodssakes!

Psychic Detective Yakumo - It's based on a manga, if the promo poster is any indication. Anyway, I need my psychological fix and the plot for this just jumped out.

Kuragehime - Trap. Brains Base. Humor. And it's on the noitaminA time slot, something which I've come to associate with quality, out-of-the-ordinary anime.

Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2 - because I watched the first season and found it entertaining. Here's to hoping the second one can keep it up.

Well, I'm not likely going to watch all of these seeing as how my interest in anime is waning a little bit.