Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shiki 11-14

Oh, shi-! This anime. Something else.

In my last blog post about this series, I said that Shiki was getting interesting, but I never expected it to get this good. Natsuno (yes, that guy) has fallen victim to his best friend in the world, the boy scout-turned-shiki Taro-kun. Sure, Taro didn't want to do it and this reluctance to kill is a recurring theme for baby shikis. Remember Masao? Yep. Well, turns out he still hasn't gotten over his ickiness at murdering people for food, which is ironic in itself considering his generally cruel personality.

Compare it to Taro, who is all remorseful about killing Natsuno but can't possibly help himself. The urge to feed is too much, especially when Natsuno is practically offering himself as a feast. And so Natsuno dies and Megumi can hardly wait to see him rise up and join their ranks.

Speaking of which, the first victim of the Kirishikis certainly is getting extremely comfortable in her new skin. She's lost her conscience, or did she have any to begin with? While she was alive, we only knew her as a sort of shallow girl with an obsession for two things: Natsuno and clothes. After she died, she actually got a lot more interesting. More so now that we learn there's an unit of vampires that hunt the big cities and it looks like Megumi is going to be its newest member.

Meanwhile, it seems that at least one villager has gotten wind of the real situation. Unfortunately, she isn't someone that people take very seriously. With Natsuno dead and Toshio occupied with other things (we'll get to that later), the kids, Kaori and her brother, basically have no one to turn to. Considering what they know, they're in extreme danger.

Now, Toshio, god. I had no idea. Maybe it was the emotional trauma of losing your wife to the "illness" you were trying to stop or the many sleepless nights, but even then, that was cold. So cold in fact I found myself saying "oh my god" at least a dozen times throughout episode 12. I think I may have even teared up a little bit although I'm embarrassed to admit it. Shock value, definitely. But it's something more than that. I think, now I get what the fuss is all about Shiki.


crazyanimegyrl said...

This series is great! One of my favorites!