Saturday, August 20, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Blood-C, No. 6

 Blood-C (1-3)

Blood-C is the latest installment in the Blood series. This time, the CLAMP, of Cardcaptor Sakura and CodeGeass fame, is giving this old franchise a face-lift with the group's trademark limber, narrow-eyed characters. The story revolves around Saya, a shrine maiden who lives alone with her Dad, whom she idolizes to a fault. She has a neighbor, a young gentleman who owns a cafe where Saya regularly has breakfast. By day, Saya divides her time between her duties as a shrine maiden and as a high school student. But at night, she wields the Holy Blade to fight with monsters.

Oh, was I ever so wrong about this show. What I thought was a Victorian dress is just a school yeah, it's the same old high school girl with a sword stuff that the Blood series is known for. Also, Saya is a total klutz. Uh, since when? I admit, I never saw Blood+ properly so all I really know about the series is from the anime movie, Blood: The Last Vampire. (Let's not mention the live-action version -_-). Anyhoo, the show has some potential but I don't think I can wait 5 more episodes for the show to get its stride. Maybe, I'll come back to this series some day. But for now, dropping it from my watchlist.

No. 6 (1-3)

No. 6 is set in a futuristic world, particularly in a futuristic city-state where people live under the protection of a totalitarian government. The story begins when our two protagonists are still boys -- Shion is one of the elites chosen to study in the Special Course as well as live in Chronos while Nozumi is an escaped prisoner, hunted by the authorities. Serendipity leads the two to meet up and strike up a friendship. However, when the authorities discover Shion's harboring a known fugitive, he is stripped of all privileges and sent off to live in Lost Town. Years later, Shion, now working as a park attendant, discovers the dead body of a man who died of a mysterious disease. After voicing out his suspicions that the authorities may be trying to manipulate information, Shion finds himself captured and carried off to a correctional facility. However, an old friend shows up just in time to save him. Reunited with Nozumi, Shion learns more and more about No. 6 and the secrets its authorities are desperately trying to hide.

Is this yaoi? If it is...not sure I want to watch it. But the mystery is kind of getting to me so I'm probably staying around to see this through.