Thursday, November 24, 2011

Apologies, my lovelies

Dear Readers,

I'll cut the bullshit right now. If you're wondering why this blog has been so quiet lately, wonder no more. It appears that I've lost some of my interest in anime. Honestly, the only title I'm still watching now is Chihayafuru, which I'm enjoying very much, thank you, but can't seem to find it in myself to blog about. As for the other shows, I know I gave glowing first impressions for some of the 2011 fall line-ups but really, after that first impression, I stopped watching them. I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess my taste is moving on to different things. It may be temporary or it may be permanent. I don't know. I do know that I am busy with my real life and only have precious little free time to indulge in my "me-time" activities. Right now, I'm watching a lot of non-anime TV (The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, New Girl, Sons of Anarchy) so you can understand a little why anime is being edged out of the picture. Also, I've been working on my webcomics, Eve's Apple, and that's sucking a lot of my time actually.

Again, I apologize. I can't make promises of when I might be coming back.



ish said...

haha well you know i just went through a "phase" like that myself. i don't know which one is the phase, the anime independence or the dependence. i can tell you this though, after a while you kind of miss it or if not, get curious about it again or what's up with what "the kids" are watching these days. i completely shut myself off from anime for almost three years thanks to sports watching and doing it, but now i can't believe that i'm watching stuff like (it began with this) Saraiya Goyou (courtesy of your recommendation), Ano Hana (which i found sorta meh, sorry fans), the new LastEXILE, Kimi To Boku and turning dangerously otaku on Giant Killing. so there, anime won't run away so take your time on other things that interest you :) let them wait until you decide to watch them.

*PS: hooked on Walking Dead myself, heh. and Game Of Thrones.

lu said...

You didn't like AnoHana? Well, I guess it wasn't revolutionary in any way, but it was the only bright spot in a bad season. Game of Thrones is awesome but I don't want to think about it too much because Season 2 is a long way off. I'm entertaining myself with the books for now.

Yes, anime won't go away. :)

ish said...

actually, maybe it's the genre. there's not much slice of life serious drama anime that i honestly appreciate. even Hachikuro didn't work for me.

really odd though, because despite that i still feel like watching these slice of life shows! lol what is wrong with me. i think the only one i really liked was Hataraki Man (which i should really finish btw!!)

hold it, i enjoyed Kare Kano immensely!! even though it kind of faltered near the end i think? ParaKiss wasn't so bad either.

lu said...

I enjoyed Kare Kano, the manga. The anime was great but it got weird near the end due to budget problems and artistic differences between the mangaka and the anime production team.

Paradise Kiss was also good. I read the manga and saw the anime a couple of years ago and I remember getting a lump in my throat at the ending.

I keep hearing about Hataraki Man but I keep postponing watching it. Maybe I should try to get my hands on the series.

The josei genre is interesting, but most of the material is depressing, so I try to read or watch them in small amounts. Same goes with slice of life / serious anime.