Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another 7: Terror Teacher

This just gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "terror teacher." The Class 3 adviser, Kubodera, gets fed up over the death that hovers over the class and decides to off himself. But not before offing his bedridden mother, too. He stabs himself with a knife repeatedly in front of the whole class, thus, ensuring that all his pupils are going to have stunted emotional and psychological growth due to extreme trauma. That is, if they survive the school year. Gee, thanks a lot, teach.

The librarian has some theory that the dead teacher may not have been in his right mind when he did the deed. You're goddamn right, he wasn't in his right mind. Guy killed himself in front of an audience. But he means that the whole thing reeks of the Class 3 tragedy. I see.

Well, one thing the suicide accomplishes: Mei and Kouichi are back to being just regular students, instead of the social pariah that the Class 3 countermeasures made them out to be. Ignoring two students doesn't seem to work anyway so there's that. But Akazawa warns that it doesn't mean they'll exactly be welcomed back by the class with open arms. After all, it was Kouichi who broke the rules so some of them may blame him for being the catalyst for the Class 3 deaths.

In other news, Mei apparently has a sister. Or would have had a sister but it was stillborn. It looks like her mother hasn't gotten over it since she made a doll modeled after what that child would have looked like if she had been born alive. The doll, of course, is that doll which strongly resembles Mei. Also, Mei and her parents are skipping town for a week, but leaves Kouichi her cellphone number.

Meanwhile, Kouichi meets up with Akazawa, Mochizuki and Teshigawara at a cafe, where Mochizuki's sister, Tomoka, serves as a waitress. Apparently, Tomoka, who also went to Yomiyama High and knew about the Class 3 rumors, met Matsunaga, an alumnus of Class 3 from the 1983 batch, the year the deaths stopped midyear. According to Matsunaga's story, he helped stop the deaths and recorded his method somewhere though he doesn't to remember where. Kouichi and co. plan to find Matsunaga and confirm the story.

Very creepy episode. That suicide was just...argh. But the dream sequence could've been creepier. I guess anime has its limits. The whole time, I kept thinking how this would've been way more awesome if it were live-action.

more screencaps from episode 7: