Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mini-Updates: Another 6, Chihaya Furu 19, Natsume Yuujin-chou Shi 7

Got a little busy this week, what with my moving and having a new job and all. I couldn't stay online long enough to make my regular posts on the three anime shows I'm watching. And when I finally got down to it, I figured I'd just them all in one go.

So here goes.

Another has hit a stalemate. So the great mystery is finally revealed and Mei isn't really dead or a ghost. That said, we're down to just watching the show to find out who gets to die next. Because, obviously, the latest Class 3 countermeasure, which is to ignore Kouichi's existence (that's makes two of them now), isn't going to work. Also, who's dead? The spoilerific Wikipedia entry already told me, so that's no longer a big mystery to me. Regardless, I'm still kinda enjoying this show.

In Chihaya Furu, things are looking up for the Mizusawa team, but not without a hair-raising experience of watching not one, but two, jaw-clenching matches between the fellow teammates. In the end, Kana-chan wins against Desktomu-kun and Taichi loses to Nishida.Taichi took it hardest since he really wanted to make it to Class A so he could meet Arata in a match. But, of course, that's not going to happen. I'm guessing, in the final matches, it's gonna be Chihaya vs. the Queen, which Chihaya will win, so she can go head to head with Arata in the final. That would be a great climax to such a great series. In the meantime, we shall watch Chihaya learn more and more about how to play better and improve herself by paying attention to how others play. Also, for Chihaya x Taichi shippers, a dash of Chihaya x Taichi 'sweet' moments.

I ship them.

I ship them so hard.

Finally, in Natsume Yuujin-chou Shi,  we have the concluding episode of this mini-arc and...REIKO MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!! Actually, it's Nyanko-sensei taking on human form. He explains that Natsume and Reiko are the only humans he has taken a good look of so no matter what he does when he takes on human form, he ends up looking like one or the other. But anyway, Natori-san also appears, and this is a pretty awesome episode, despite everything, because, of course, that means Hiragi makes an appearance as well. Ah, my favorite characters. Now, I only wish the story line had more oomph to it.

More screencaps from Chihaya Furu 19: