Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jormungand 6-7: Ex-Major Valmet

Okay, this is an ostensibly Valmet-centric arc as Koko's company of mercenaries and boy soldier head to Africa. Valmet apparently has special memories about the continent as it is there that she lost her right eye and her entire squad. But also, the episode also has Koko trying to meet up with some looney scientist who likes butterflies and building robots. The scientist happens to be a robotics expert whose inventions are highly sought after. Some Chinese weapons dealer, who hates Koko's brother, is also after her, which necessitates that Koko provide protection for the erstwhile doctor. The CIA's Scarecrow and Chocolate get wind of the whole deal and decide to post a stakeout at the restaurant where Koko and the leader of the Chinese company have dinner. Meanwhile, Valmet comes face-to-face with the Chinese company's Karen Low and two try to kill each other in the snow. After a long and exciting fight, that includes guns and knives, Valmet gains the upperhand and disables the enemy. However, before she could give the finishing blow, Lehm stops her. In another meanwhile, Koko strikes a deal with Chocolate to help her get out of the restaurant alive on board their newest model helicopter, thus, thwarting the Chinese' plan to assassinate her after the meeting is over.

Exciting stuff. Valmet, you the man, woman!