Monday, May 28, 2012

Space Brothers 7-9: Mutta Conquers Houston

I have to say that the Houston arc, though essential for character development and the story's theme of bromance (well, less of that really), was a bit boring for me. But let's be balanced. So Mutta goes to live with Hibito for a few weeks and even though Mutta can't think of Hibito as anything but his brother, he begins to see a new side to him, which makes him become even more introspective with his life choices. On the other hand, Hibito does all he can to shake Mutta out of his existential malaise and find the inner competitive animal that he knows his brother is. It doesn't appear to work but despite himself, Mutta is changed by the experience. He is still not that confident about his chances of becoming an astronaut and by the end of episode 9, he still questions his reason for even wanting to become one.

more screencaps from episode 9: