Sunday, December 2, 2012

Psycho-Pass 8: And then, Silence

After having narrowed down the culprit of the recent murders to be someone connected to Oso Academy, Gino and his team investigate the school. The resulting tightening of security forces Rikako to stay her hand while she and Makishima wait for the investigation to wrap up. 

Meanwhile, Kogami and Akane bend the rules a little by getting information that would help them solve the case from an incarcerated criminal, who tells them about the similarities between the "artworks" and that of the masterpieces of one Oryo Ryuichi. 

Not long after that, the duo proceed to Oso Academy to apprehend Oryo's daughter, Rikako, who registers a crime coefficient of 472, with "lethal eliminator" as the enforcement measure. However, due to interference from the academy's administrator, Rikako manages to get away, led along by Choe Gu-Sung in disguise. 

The team soon reviews all the video files of the premises, leading them to discover the existence of old boiler room. There they find two more of Rikako's victims but no Rikako. Much later, Kogami finds out that most of the files involving the art room have been altered. But he was able to recover the audio of one of the files and he gets confirmation that a man named "Makishima" is somehow involved with Rikako.

Meanwhile, unknown to Gino and the team, Rikako has been led into a trap where she gets hunted and slain like a beast. Makishima expresses little regret over the loss as he has found a much better subject to toy with: Kogami.

Rikako gets her just deserts. Nothing more than poetic justice. Although I did feel a little sorry for her when I think about how things could have turned out differently if she'd received a different sort of help than the "help" that Makishima gave her. If she'd gotten proper treatment for her heinous urges, instead of being enabled by Makishima and his cronies, Rikako might have been salvaged. At the very worst, she might have ended up like that dude with the body tattoos all over his body. His fate is not much worse than being sliced by a robotic dog and then shot in the head by a guy with fantasies about being a mid-19th century hunter.
But oh, how to make of Makishima's obvious crush on Kogami? lol Seriously, Makishima is about to fuck Kogami up and he doesn't even know. Or does he. That audio file has finally given Kogami concrete proof of his suspicions all along: that some guy is masterminding all these crimes and that that guy is called "Makishima."
The parallels between what happened with Sayama and Kogami and what could happen with Kogami and Akane is alarming. Especially since the opening sequence of the show seems to suggest it.
On a different note, Kunizuka totally scored with a high school girl. What does Shion have to say about this? XD