Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest 9: Boyfriend

Samon manages to convince Mahiro that Hakaze really is dead and that somehow, through magic, Hakaze's voice has traveled through time in order to communicate with Mahiro. Believing that Hakaze can't help him anymore, Mahiro switches allegiances and strikes the same bargain with Samon about Aika's murderer. This shocks Yoshino to a certain extent, prompting him to take matters into his own hands after remembering something that Aika said to him when she was still alive. Using his remaining talismans, he fights Mahiro in order to force him to let go of the gun talisman. When doesn't work, he bargains with Mahiro: his loyalty to Hakaze in exchange for information about the identity of Aika's boyfriend. Predictably, Mahiro's attention is caught and he agrees to let Yoshino prove his theory about how to get Hakaze back but only until Samon identifies Aika's murderer.

Meanwhile, hat dude is fighting all alone against a battalion of tanks and the entire Japanese army. But his magic gives him an unforeseen advantage. That is, until Evangeline Yamamoto shows up with Yoshino's talismans.

This show would be a lot better if the characters were likable. Problem is, the only character I like has so very little screen time while those that I dislike hug most of it. No, I am not talking about Aika, whom I also dislike. Honestly, I don't see what the fuss is about her. I've read the spoilers on wikipedia so I know what she really is but I don't see anything in her character that would attract two of the main characters to her, other than that she serves the plot. Then again, neither Yoshino nor Mahiro are any more likable than her. They have no single redeeming quality. I don't root for either of them to win this stupid war.