Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kagewani 4-6

EPISODE 4: Double Bow

A couple of kids are playing with a drone by the riverbank when their drone crashes into the water. The current carries it into a sewer which the two reluctantly enter. As they go deeper, they finally find their drone but it's resting on the back of a giant turtle-like creature. The creature chases them and they escape through a tiny passageway leading to the surface. The passageway, however, is blocked by a corpse. Trapped, the kids wait out the creature which passes right below them. One of the boys goes down to investigate only to be grabbed by something or someone -- Banba! He tells the boys to run away as the creature returns to attack them. Just when the creature almost gets them, someone shouts for them to jump into the water. Without thinking, Banba grabs the boys and they jump into the water. Men in white suits, black gloves and gas masks soon appear and incinerate the creature. When Banba and the boys surface, a man in a dapper suit holds out his hand to Banba. It turns out that the man works for a pharmaceutical company that is using these creatures for research. He wants to enlist Banba's help but Banba refuses to do so. Even though the creature died from the fire, the man is able to collect an egg from it.

EPISODE 5: Strange Color

In a small convenience store, a guy clocks off early to go on a date, leaving his co-worker behind to close up. While the co-worker who is left behind goes inside the office, a girl comes in and shoplifts. On her way out, the guy who left early comes back running as though he is being chased by a ghost. The "ghost" attacks him and as he flails around, the "ghost" finally appears. The creature, which looks like a chameleon and can blend into its environment, eats the guy, much to the horror of the girl and his co-worker. With the guy dead, the girl fears she's next. The co-worker signals her from the office but as she crawls toward him, the item she stole fell, drawing the creature to the noise. Before the creature could attack her, however, the co-worker throws something at the creature, distracting it. While the creature is distracted, they both run inside the office and lock the door. But the creature comes after them, breaking the door and forcing them to flee through the vent. Before the creature could get to them, the men in white suits, gas masks and black gloves rescue them and kills the creature.

EPISODE 6: Deep Abyss

While in a cruise through the South Pole, Banba recalls his meeting with the guy from the pharmaceutical company. The guy again tries to convince him to work for them but Banba says that he is not studying the creatures for money. Meanwhile, a submarine where a young couple just got engaged is attacked by an unknown creature from the depths of the ocean. A closer look reveals that it is a gigantic humanoid creature with fish-like features. It attacks the submarine as it tries to surface, sending out a powerful sonar that causes ice bergs to sink. The force causes the submarine to lose power, rendering it vulnerable to an attack from the creature which is fast approaching. Banba advises the young man to use the sonar in order to fool the creature that the submarine is one of its own. It is a gamble since pressing the sonar would use up the rest of the submarine's power. Nevertheless, the young man uses the sonar and the signal causes the creature to stop and sink back into the abyss.

I'm probably the only person in the world who is blogging this anime. LOL It's so bad, honestly. I don't even know why anymore, except that it's easy to watch and even easier to recap. Anyway, at least, in these last episodes, we get a semblance of a plot. The pharmaceutical company is obviously up to no good. Naturally, they want Banba to work for them and naturally Banba refuses. I can't say I'm looking forward to what comes next. I do like the design of the abyss creature. Its face reminds me of a blob fish.