Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 2-4

EPISODE 2: Barbatos

Under Orga's orders with help from Old Man and Yamagi, Mikazuki pilots the Barbatos, the ancient gundam used during the Calamity War, and defends against the attacking Gjallarhorn Graze company. After one of their numbers is injured, the Gjallarhorn's commander, Crank, issues a retreat just in time for Barbatos to run out of thruster fuel and Mikazuki to lose consciousness from the shock to his nervous system. Although CGS successfully repels the attackers, they nevertheless suffer heavy casualties, especially among the Third Corps rank. However, when the First Corps return, their leader beats Orga for diverting Gjallarhorn forces on them. Orga takes the beating but plots with his comrades to overthrow the First Corps and take control of CGS for themselves. Meanwhile, Coral orders Crank to eliminate all traces of the attack and to seize Kudelia from CGS. Crank hesitates at first upon learning that he is fighting against child soldiers but reluctantly complies. Back on Mars, a girl named Atra, accompanied by two other girls Cookie and Cracker, from Sakura-chan's farm, arrive at the base with supplies. Kudelia helps them as they prepare dinner for the boys. Atra attempts to give a bracelet that matches her own to Mikazuki but the latter is too distracted with plans of mutiny by the Third Corps.

EPISODE 3: Glorious Demise

That evening, while the boys have their dinner, Biscuit and other Third Corps members serve food laced with sedatives to the First Corps. This allows Orga and his comrades to seize control without shedding more blood than necessary. However, Mikazuki does shoot the First Corps leader point-blank and another protesting First Corps member in payment for their desertion of the Third Corps. This scares the other First Corps members into submission. With CGS firmly under their control, Orga's next challenge is how to financially support themselves. They are informed that most of the company's savings are gone and they only have enough to support themselves for three months, which means they have to find work soon. Todo, an adult former member of CGS, suggests ransoming Kudelia to the Gjallarhorn and pinning it all on the CGS leader. While Orga appears to contemplate this plan, they are interrupted by the arrival of Crank. The latter issues a challenge to a duel with Mikazuki's Barbatos. Mikazuki accepts the challenge and, after an intense fight, disables Crank's Graze. Mikazuki then steps out of his gundam to speak with Crank, who asks to die. Without hesitation, Mikazuki draws out his gun and shoots Crank. After witnessing all that happened and knowing the financial status of the newly-named Tekkadan, Kudelia decides to continue with her mission to Earth and hires Tekkadan as her escort, thus, solving Orga's financial woes for the moment.

EPISODE 4: The Price of Life

Tekkadan plots a course to earth, avoiding Gjallarhorn routes. In order to accomplish this, they need a guide. The course would take them through an area of space used mainly by civilian companies. Todo volunteers to contact the civilian company, Orcus, claiming that he is good friends with the CEO. Meanwhile, Specialist Majors Fareed and Bauduin from the Gjallarhorn base on Earth, conduct their inspection of Coral's base. They discover that a company of Gjallarhorn forces (Crank's company) have been dispatched to Mars and has not returned. Coral excuses unconvincingly that the move was to suppress a riot. Meanwhile, Orga sends Dexter and former human debris (slave) Akihiro to formalize the name of the company from CGS to Tekkadan. While Tekkadan is busy arranging Kudelia's transport, the latter speaks with her sponsor who wires her the money for the mission. Mikazuki later invites her to Sakura-chan's farm where they have a little light fun helping Sakura-chan, Atra and the kids harvest corn. Not too far away, Fareed and Bauduin investigate the site of the recent battle. Fareed deduces that Coral had attempted to kill Kudelia in order to remain in good graces with Earth and, thus, not have to worry about Fareed and Bauduin's inspection report. Later, they run into Mikazuki's group at Sakura-chan's farm. Mikazuki attempts to strangle Bauduin for apparently running over Cookie and Cracker. But Sakura-chan stops him and Fareed makes peace with the girls by giving them candy. As Kudelia is about to join them, her secretary, Fumitan, leads her away to hide from Fareed and Bauduin. Back at the base, Orga shows to everyone Tekkadan's new logo: an iron flower.

Okay, I think I'm dropping this show. I don't like the art and the character designs. I don't like the characters. I don't like the implication that Orga is using Mikazuki as some sort of personal gunman, who kills and fights for him. Especially since I don't get why Mikazuki is so enamored with the dude. Also, if it was this easy to overthrow the adults, why didn't Orga never try this before? 
Kudelia is annoying. None of the characters are likeable.