Saturday, February 20, 2010

Armed Librarians 20: Something feels familiar

Really awesome production values for this episode.
EPISODE 20: Funeral Bells, A Book and A Boy with A Death Wish

The scene opens with Enlike and Noloty sparring with each other. Enlike still has the upperhand but the whole time they are fighting, Enlike strives to understand Noloty's pro-life philosophy. She explains by saying that the world and everyone on it belongs to her. Next, we realize that all of that is contained in a book -- Noloty's book. On Bantorra island, Milepoch pauses as the funeral bell for Noloty is sounded. Meanwhile, Hamyuts has her hands full as Ismo Republic, the largest country in the world, almost equal in firepower to Bantorra, is mobilizing its forces against the armed librarians. Hamyuts, Matt and Milepoch all believe that the Shideki Church is behind the move. Specifically, they believe that the Governor of Paradise is orchestrating everything. What they don't know is why. Meanwhile, Lascall Othello gives Noloty's book to Enlike, saying that Noloty had one desire that had not been fulfilled. By reading Noloty's book, Enlike finds out that Noloty had tried to come after the Governor of Paradise while trying to help an enemy. The Governor of Paradise kills her as well as another comrade. Back in Bantorra Library, Hamyuts lets out a press release, invoking the armed librarians' alliance with Ismo but nothing happens. Matt advises Hamyuts to strike early in order to gain the upperhand. But before they could put the plan into motion, Ismo Republic declares an all-out war against them, forcing Hamyuts to order everyone back to base.


Suddenly, it all becomes very interesting. But another character dies and I still don't care about anyone else except Hamyuts.